February 2012 - October 2012

In February 2012 I was promoted to Deputy Chief Engineer on the X-48C leading up to its first flight. My two main responsibilities were to ensure the success of the NASA performed research and to take sole responsibility for the range safety of the planned flight research campaign. I interacted with senior NASA, Air Force, and Boeing staff on a daily basis to accomplish these goals. One of my major accomplishments was working with Boeing to change their planned flight profile for the initial phase of flight testing. I faced adversity from Boeing managers to this change; it reduced the wind limits the aircraft could fly within and, in all likelihood, reduced the number of potential flight test days available during a time in which we faced tremendous schedule pressure. However as a direct result of my involvement changing the flight profile, no personnel or range property were put at increased risk during engine out scenarios that occurred regularly during the initial phase of testing.

During my time as Deputy Chief Engineer, all of the NASA research on X-48C remained on schedule. I gained experience in working with senior leadership, program managers, resource analysts, and schedulers. I developed schedules, budgets, and work breakdown structures. I also gained experience serving on Flight Readiness Review boards, managing a large team, and working with a diverse skill set group to safely accomplish first flight of a highly complex, experimental aircraft.