March 2003 - August 2003

One week after passing my private pilot checkride, I was offered a job as a Flight Line Specialist at the United States Air Force Academy airfield. The position was with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to train cadets.

I was in charge of the flight line and everything that happened on it. During evenings, nights, and weekends I worked with fuelers, aircraft maintainers, and dispatch to feed and shelter a fleet of 28 Diamond DA-20 aircraft. This meant coordinating fueling with planned sorties, getting aircraft in and out of maintenance quickly, putting the birds in their hangers at night, and performing some small maintenance work to make sure the aircraft were always ready for their next flight - washing airplanes, conducting pre-flights, changing oil, and airing tires.

It was a fantastic job! I got to work around airplanes all day and was able to rent a T-41C from the Aero Club to build flight time; the picture of the USAFA chapel and stadium was taken from the T-41C while on final to the USAFA airfield.